About OneFirm

Who We Are

Joel Macpherson, CPA


Joel has over 5 years of experience in public accounting, working with large firms such as MNP and Grant Thornton before becoming self employed and helping small businesses directly. He has a wide range of experience from virtual CFO work, corporate tax and assurance.

Angelica Fernandez, CPA

Head of Operations

Angelica has a wide breadth of experience including tax consulting with PwC and 3 years working with JP Morgan Chase performing due diligence and financial calculations for business clients with a minimum exposure of $500k.

Matthew MacLennan, BSc

Senior Developer

Matthew learned HTML and CSS while earning is degree in IT and further honed is skills in development by achieving a bachelor of science in web technologies from the University of Greenwich. Matthew has been in development for over 10 years with extensive experience as lead on various fintech projects.

How We Work

Proactive Capacity Planning

We intentionally plan our resources so that we have the flexibility to deal with unexpected changes in your work volume or urgency.

Professional Excellence

All work performed is done in accordance with the highest professional standards as a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant public practice. Our tech driven approach enables us to ensure both compliance and excellence at scale.

Client Centered

We seek to integrate with your organization in the most seamless way possible. However your current workflow or preferred means of communication we truly partner with your company.

Tech Enabled Productivity

Just like the cloud firms we serve, we leverage the latest technology to continually refine and streamline our workflows to serve you better with OneFirm software.